Join Cassie, of Mooncoast yoga, for a beginner friendly Hatha/Vinyasa yoga class under the towering hemlocks and hopefully the sun!

Escape Room
Would you like a little escape from reality? You may have heard of the recent phenomenon of escape rooms, there are several in HRM. Whether you're a seasoned pro who's tried them all or a novice who's always wanted to do one but didn't have the chance, this activity is for you. Escape rooms challenge your brain, exercise your team playing skills and tease your funny bone all at the same time. The story and clues will incorporate tidbits of facts from the history of the camp to accentuate the mystery of "The HMS El Fuego" which you will be asked to solve.
Participants are locked in a room (figuratively, not actually, if you need to step out for a breath of fresh air you can). You have 1 hour to find your way out of the room. Within the room are several clues  which will help you find the key that will unlock the door. As well, you can ask for clues along the way but, each time you ask for a clue, you lose 5 minutes off the allotted time so, use the clues sparingly. Depending on how many people sign up, we will have one escape room where you'll compete against the clock or with enough people, we will have two escape rooms where groups with identical clues will compete to see which team solves it first.
The Captain and crew of the HMS El Fuego have left clues to lead you to their treasure but,  you'll have to escape first before you can find it…
Pressed Leaf Pottery Bowls
This workshop invites you to create a small slab pottery bowl that will be pressed with found leaves. You will learn a few simple clay techniques to help you to create your own unique piece of functional pottery. You can choose to paint your piece with underglazes and decorate it as you choose.  Please bring a few fresh leaves from around the camp that are beautiful or inspiring to you.  It is important to note that participants will not be able to take the piece home immediately. Art work will be fired at a later date and glazed by the instructor. You will be responsible for collecting your piece from the instructor's north end Halifax studio once it is completed. Pieces will be fully functional, food and dishwasher safe!
Stencilled Sign
Participants will begin by choosing their design prior to the workshop, from the choices below. At Camp, you will create a 10x12 solid pine sign using the colours of your choice.
Book Club
Under the Bridge is an award winning novel by Anne Bishop, who Social Workers may know from her previous works Becoming an Ally and Beyond Token Change. Join in a Book Club style discussion, under nature’s canopy, with other campers and the author! 
“Bishop’s skillful use of language and style, though subtle and unobtrusive, captured the very essence of being homeless, of living in poverty, devoid of hope. I was inside the story from beginning to end. I became informed without being preached at. I was brought inside the lives of those who are disenfranchised and lost, and I witnessed the human will to survive.” — Wendi Stewart, judge for the 2016 H.R. (Bill) Percy Novel Prize.
Stop to Smell the Flowers: Connecting with the Natural World and Nature within
In our busy lives we forget to slow down, unplug, breathe deep and connect to the living world around us.  This is taking a toll on our health and well-being. This session is an invitation to do those things through fun, gentle activities on the land we are on. Gently moving our bodies, we’ll explore nature using all of our senses to really notice and learn about the living world at our feet.  Experienced nature facilitator, Judy Lipp, will lead us through a variety of simple, fun activities that can be applied in most settings, thus offering not only tools for our own personal care but also for use in the work we do with other people.
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