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Nordic Pole Walking

The fastest growing adult fitness activity in Canada, is a total body wellness sport; an effective, moderate, low-impact exercise that can be done by anyone, anywhere, no matter what your fitness level is. It has been proven by worldwide scientific and clinical studies to deliver therapeutic benefits for various health issues and Chronic Diseases. It helps with weight loss, the elimination of back, shoulder and neck pain, Diabetes, and high blood pressure. It is less impact on the knees and hip joints, and incorporates 90% of all body muscles. This class will review equipment needed, show proper technique, review advantages, facts, and FAQs, teach adjustment of the poles and then we will go walking with the poles. (A couple of sets will be available if anyone wants to purchase.)

Lava Bracelets
Lava is an incredible stone. It begins as mineral-rich magma buried deep in the earth. Then, after an eruption it transforms into an elemental mixture of fire and earth. For hundreds of years, these rocks have been used by many cultures for their balancing and protective benefits. Participants will make a beaded bracelet including at least one lava stone. Due to their naturally porous properties, lava stones can hold the scent of an essential oil for several days at a time.
"Paint Nite"

Learning techniques as they first sketch a campfire, participants will add colour (paint) and their own personal additions to create a warm piece similar to the one above. (Click once to see whole picture).

Step Aerobics
Step aerobics is a form of aerobic exercise distinguished from other types of aerobic classes by its use of an elevated platform. The height can be tailored to individual needs by inserting risers under the step. Whether beginner or advanced, participants can get a fun workout to some high energy music.
Washer Toss
Washer toss is a game, similar to horseshoes, of throwing washers towards a box with a hole. Different points are awarded to each landing spot. The first team, or individual, to 21 wins! This is a fun, low organized activity done at whatever pace the participants like. It is self-directed.
Cellphone Photography
One of the great things about your cell phone camera is that it's always with you - ready to capture special moments anytime they happen. By learning some techniques that professional photographers use, the quality of your cell phone photos will dramatically improve. This workshop will put you on the right track to getting more consistent better results with your cell phone's camera.
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