Berwick United Church Camp,
115 Commercial Street,
Berwick, Nova Scotia B0P 1E0

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TEL: (902) 473-4475 
Weekend Agenda 2019
2:30-5:30 Arrive and settle in
6:00-6:55 Supper
7:00 Welcome
7:30-8:30 “Creating Intentional Community: 200 Years of Camp Meetings” This session is not about social work. It's about the hemlocks, the cabins, the Tabernacle, and the annual summer camp meeting. It's about how this gem of a camp came to be, right here in Berwick, NS - hundreds of miles from many hundreds of similar camp meeting grounds. It's about US religious history (yes), ‎architecture, enduring intentional communities, and the adaptive re-use of 150-year-old camp meeting grounds. ‎And it will be illustrated with some very cool photos of places that bear an uncanny resemblance to this place. – Maura Donovan

See to book a massage while you are here. All paperwork can be done ahead and billed directly to your insurance.


8:00 A quick hike around camp


8:15-8:55  Breakfast


9:00-10:15 “Ask a Psychiatrist” – Dr. Sumeer Bhalla will be with us for a casual question and answer session (everything you always wanted to know but were afraid to ask)


10:15-10:30 Break


10:30-11:30 Nordic Walking (meet at Dining Hall steps) or Lava Bracelets (Multipurpose Room) or Cell phone photography (Covered Pavilion)


(11:30-11:45 *Lava bracelets for sale in the Multipurpose room*)

Lunch 12:00-12:55


1:00-2:15  The Montreal Shtetl: "Making Home after the Holocaust – The Role for Social Work Practice" – Zelda Abramson


2:15-2:30  Break


2:30-4:30 "Paint Nite” (Multipurpose Room) or Step aerobics (Covered Pavilion) (2:30-3:30) or Washer Toss (Open Pavilion area) (2:30-whenever)


3:30-5:30 Free time (amount determined by your previous activity)


5:30-6:30 Supper


7:00-8:40 - Moral Distress and Moral Residue – Moral Distress is the result of knowing what you ought to do in a situation but not being able to do it. Moral Residue is the result of unresolved Moral Distress—the feeling that ‘sticks’ with you after a distressing situation. Part 1 of this workshop will be a review of the concepts of Moral Residue and Distress from a theoretical perspective including the causes, signs and outcomes of Moral Distress and Moral Residue. Part 2 will tackle the issue of how we can be effective in the face of Moral Distress and Moral Residue from where we are located within the system/group/organization. This section will be more interactive and will arm participants with the tools to recognize and minimize the impact of Moral Distress and Moral Residue. People are welcome to attend one or both parts of this session.  - Janet Aucoin


9:00  Trivia Night with Shandelle Warford


8:30-9:10  Breakfast

9:15-11:00 "Testimonies of Social Work Action Underpinned by Belief in Social Justice, Commitment and Hope” – David Divine


11:00-11:30 Evaluation and Closing

11:30 Lunch and Farewell